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Join Data-Driven Funnel's Initial Launch Group!
Get the most personalized help I've ever offered for launching your funnel.
Here's exactly what we will be doing
✅ Live, 6-week training program designed to get your offer created, your funnel launched, and your conversion optimization journey started the right way

✅ When I say "live" I mean LIVE! Not some pre-recorded stuff where you need to listen through hours of "ums" and "ahs." Join the call, bring your questions, show your screen, and let's knock it out.

✅ Can't make it to the live training? Simply ask your question in the member's area and I'll be sure to give you some personalized feedback and advice.

✅ Make no mistake, I am gearing this product up to be a $700+ course. And that price doesn't even include the coaching. Yep, it's a pretty good offer.

We are Starting Monday, September 21

⭐ Oh but just because we aren't starting immediately DOESN'T mean you can't get my help immediately.

The course is open RIGHT NOW and you can get in immediately and get my personalized feedback and help.

The start date is simply for the official curriculum to begin :)

Here are some of the specific things we will do together during the training:

Creating business alignment for your funnel according to the bigger picture strategy of your business

Crafting our product grid and planning our value ladder

Doing competitive analysis & research to ensure our products will sell (and get peer feedback on our offers!)

Decide the right funnel for our business

Create our offers (if you don't already have them... and if you do - we can improve them together!)

Setting up all the tech in a simple, effective, and cost-efficient way

Building out all the funnel pieces

Setting up our first Facebook Ads to drive traffic to our offers

Learn how to analyze the results and tweak our funnel

And getting personalized feedback for when you get stuck.

My Guarantee
By the end of the 6 weeks, if you commit to roughly 1 hour per day, you should have your funnel launched, and driving sales.

I can't guarantee that you will be doubling your money or anything like that. But if you engage, work with me and the team, share your work, and put in your all...

You'll be further along than 99% of your competition.

If you work with the group, attend the calls, do the lessons, and just aren't happy with the result at the end of the 6 weeks, I will refund every penny.
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